Berlin: Let us begin the offensive. Get ready for May Day!

1. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Revolutionary May, 1st Demonstration, 6 pm, Oranienplatz, Berlin

With the rebellion in the European periphery against the ruling austerity policy and its culmination in Greece last year, the struggle for a different Europe got carried forcefully into the centers of power. The imperative of balanced budgets was no longer without alternative. Overcoming the walls of Fortress Europe, the refugees put the struggle for another Europe on the agenda again. The fight of the refugees shows that borders can be brought down and challenges our imperial way of life on this prosperous island within a chaotic world.

​These are the new political challenges we have to face. And so far only the misanthropists of AfD and Pegida profit from this situation. But these challenges also offer a chance for a strong left offensive. Because the fight against authoritarian austerity policy and the struggle against outer and inner borders are inseparable conditions for a good life for all. Against racist, sexist and social divisions we have to connect old struggles with new ones. In order not to leave the initiative to Pegida and AfD, we have to get up ourselves.

The First of May stands for such a tradition of coming together through which we forge connections between a class-militant history and new challenges. The first of may reminds us that, despite all differences between the defense of squatted houses, the border crossing of refugees or the struggles against neoliberal austerity policy, it is all about the same: Rebellion against the ruling status quo. The new, the old, the differences, the common. May day belongs to us. The first of may stands for various political utopias and our struggles for them. These struggles of centuries connect us with like-minded people all over the world. They point out the way of what the future can be about.

Let's fight for a Europe for all: a Europe without borders, whose wealth belongs to everybody, a Europe where people can live in freedom and self-determination, a Europe where passports are nothing but souvenirs in old photo albums.

Let's fight for cities for all, where social infrastructure belongs to everybody. Where all have the same rights and equal access to education or work. Where lines in front of town halls or in front of the Lageso do not exist anymore, cities where living-space is no longer scarce and where everybody has enough to live. Cities where the town halls, as we know them, are only museums of the old order.

Let's fight for solidarity. That people no matter what their origin, religion or sexual identity can live in peace and safety. And it is this practical solidarity of struggling together that power elites are afraid of.

Let us carry all these demands on the streets on the first of may, when we will celebrate the diversity of our struggles. Let us imagine the first of may as a beginning, a beginning of an offensive. For just as it is, it can not go on, it never could, it is becoming clearer and clearer. There is no alternative. Let us not back down: In our city for all alliances, in summer against the borders, with Blockupy in autumn in Berlin, and in spring 2017 against the German Europe of the crisis and migration regime. Until the sadness is defeated or: Until happiness will win.

Lets break out and forge the rebellious times
Join the „..for all“ Block at the revolutionary demonstration on the first of may
Colorful, determined and angry!

24.04 – Demonstration & festival at the border between Italy and Austria.

30.04 – Hände weg vom Wedding Demonstration, 4.30 pm, U-Bhf Osloer Straße, Berlin
30.04. - Soli-Party for the freedom of movement, Subversiv, Brunnenstraße, Berlin
01.05 – Revolutionary May, 1st Demonstration, 6 pm, Oranienplatz, Berlin
07.-08.05 – Blockupy Meeting in Berlin
01.-03.07 – Antiracist festival in Athens
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15M Berlin

Blockupy Plattform Berlin
interventionist Left Berlin

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