Towards a European network against state and capitalism (en)

Declaration from the meeting of anticapitalist & antiauthoritarian groups and unions in Thessaloniki.

We, antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist groups and grassroots unions, that took part in the mobilization to the European action day against capitalism (M31), gathered in Thessaloniki at the congress for direct democracy on the 6th of September 2012 to discuss the possibilities of our cooperation and common actions in the future. We – that means comrades from A.K. (Antiauthoritarian Movement, Greece), the CNT (Spain), …UmsGanze, FAU, Interventionary Left (BRD) and activists from England, Austria and Bulgaria. We all agree that in this time of capitalist crisis, the rise of nationalism and ongoing austerity measures it is necessary to organize beyond national borders and against state and capital.

The capitalist system today cannot offer any positive perspective anymore, but leads to an increase of social division and authoritarian constraints in the name competitive capability and national interest. Therefor we cannot rely on reformist institutions – like parties and reformist unions. If we are interested in a good life for everybody, we have to (self) organize and take our lives in our hands. As State and Capital in Europe are organized on a supranational level, an emancipatory resistance should do so as well. Our common mobilization to the European action day M31 was a first step in this direction.

Nevertheless, we see that the different realities in Europe also lead to the necessity of different strategies. Therefor we discussed how we can build up a communication infrastructure that allows us to intensify the exchange of experiences so that we can learn from each other. Another important point was the question, how we can support each other in the different social struggles. Although the social conditions and the state of the crisis in different countries are different it is clear to us, that there are enough possibilities for mutual assistance. Last but not least we all agree that we will meet again before the end of this year, maybe in Spain. The promise that there is an exit strategy to the authoritarian state of emergency as well as from capitalist normality is something that we ourselves have to make true. Therefor we invite everybody to fight with us.