Happy anniversary of catalan unity :-)

In the end the street decides!

Today, Germany celebrates the apparent unity under neoliberalism and capitalism, while the people of Catalonia fight for a live in dignity and freedom. In Mainz at the unity celebrations, its the smell of beer and sausage that is wafting through the air; in Bareclona, it is solidarity and the courage of those at the general strike that blows through the streets.
There is no turning back. The referendum took place despite the state of emergency of the spanish state. Despite the police violence, despite the technical manipulations. Those who could vote have voted with an overwhelming majority for the independence of Catalonia. They themselves made it possible: it is the people who protected the polling stations, resisted the penetration of the military police and enabled long waiting lines.
It was also a referendum on the question: who decides over how we want to live and on which side the fear of the future should be. The occupations, the lived municipalism and the many local initiatives have taken their decisions: democratic self-determination stands counter to a post-facist and centralist state.
This self-determination was defended and demanded through a massive civil disobedience of the last days and from today on through the general strike. Participation runs across the entire population and forces the bourgeois state to keep its minimum democratic promises.
But once elections really make a difference and can change something, they are prohibited! This is why the spanish state will try anything to suffocate hope in the dark of the state of emergency.
We are all looking with excitement to the political depature initiated by you and to the most difficult of all tasks: to not let the hope for a dawn die.