Let's make history!

An invitation by the Commune of Europe to build in many people on the streets of Frankfurt the 18th of March

Welcome to a new era of struggles against the regime of crisis and austerity. We don’t feel like holding wordy speeches anymore. Enough said. Of course, there’s always a lot to discuss and to consider. After all: Now it’s time to fight.

Recently, an unmistakable signal from Greece reaches us:  no more misery, degradation, sadness. The antagonism between the working or unemployed and those, who possess, between those who profit and exploit and those who suffer cannot be pacified or reconciled. We won’t go along with this anymore. Oxi! Our alternative is not a choice between the things offered to us by those who rule. An alternative is created where people rise, where they create new forms of sociality and attack the powerful. If they do so the rule will tremble.“ We heard your signal!"

For al long time protest had a symbolic character, people showed that they disagreed, that they were angry and desperately. Authoritarism and repression many times have been the only answer from the Institutions of power. Our complicity, and public demand of freedom,  goes to all comrades, women and men jailed or persecuted for political activism. Maybe the times of desperateness are over. The resistance has reinvented itself and opened a constitutive perspective. A Perspective to lift the world out of its hinges and recreate radically: transnational, from the bottom, democratically. We want to follow this spirit. When democracy is bypassed by the capitalistic system, from the Squares of Europe a powerful statement is growing louder every day: from where we stand  we see democracy without capitalism. We are not the nihilistic image of our order, we didn't loose the hope, the fantasy and the dreams in spite of all our rage and desperation. This message, we got as well: An alternative is only possible when there is hope, a path for a new subjectivity of collectivity, a universal solidarity.

The ECB wants to decrease their celebrations on march 18th in order to prevent a new platform for an European spring. Clearly: The power still is in their hands. Nevertheless they are on the defensive. We really can change something now. We need a real European resistance against the regime of austerity, liabilities, borders, precariousness, truncheons and exclusion. With the outcome of the election in Greece and the things that will happen in Spain and Portugal and elsewhere in 2015 we are confronted with a whole new situation and challenge. It makes possible a new offensive, which will at first be about the conflict with the Troika and the austerity measures.
There is a possibility that this window of opportunity will be closed soon. That is why we are called to unhinge the window.

In the end the street decides!
Let’s take the Greek offensive back to the German Europe and in front of the ECB. Let’s be an image of the new and an attack on the past. Feel invited to join us in Frankfurt, on the day of the Paris Commune, let's build an active space of self-defense. To fight back the blackmail "your money or your lives" once again we shall say: "see you on the barricades!"
And, for the capitalist élite of Europe: “winter is now”!"