Free Fabio and the prisoners of G20!

Rallies and protests on Monday 16th October in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona
Hamburg am Morgen des 7. Juli 2017
Von überall her kommen am Morgen des 7. Juli Menschen zu Blockaden des Gipfels
On 16th October the trial against our Italian comrade Fabio begins, who has been in custody since the G20 summit. Together with the campaign #UnitedWeStand, we call for rallies on the days of the trial (16.10., 17.10., 7.11.) at the local court in Hamburg-Altona. We want to express our solidarity with Fabio and shout out to him: Thank you for coming to Hamburg to stand up with all of us against the madness of the world! There is no need for regret. They locked you up and pressed charges against you individually, but this is aimed at all of us!

The trial against Fabio shows particularly clearly that all the G20 trials are not about justice, but about deterrence and political prejudice. During the review of custody, the higher regional court in Hamburg attested Fabio, who is only 18 years old, in their finest Nazi manner as having “destructive tendencies” and a “substantial deficiency of social and educational competence”.

Fabio was arrested in the morning of the 7th July at Rondenbarg, where excessive police brutality caused most of the severe injuries against activists during the protests. A video of the event exposes the police’s account of events – as in many other cases too – as a mixture of exaggerations, lies and propaganda.

Let’s join the rallies and protests on Monday 16th and on Tuesday 17th October at 8.30am in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona, Max-Brauer-Allee 91, and demand the acquittal and immediate freedom of Fabio and all the other G20 prisoners. Because we all have #schaedlicheNeigungen (destructive tendencies). We all resist the world of the G20, a world of exploitation, wars, ecological devastation and racist isolation!