August 15th, 1984 - more than a military offensive

After the military coup in Turkey in 1980, the Kurdish freedom movement had to decide: Either - like many left-wing groups - to be liquidated or to decide for the resistance. It is well known that the latter was chosen.

After years of prison resistance, which had a lasting effect on the Kurdish population and the future of the PKK, "the first shot" was fired on August 15, 1984. This date is regarded as the birth of the guerrillas and the beginning of the PKK's liberation offensive. A broad popular movement quickly developed. Many joined the guerrillas with the aim of ending colonial oppression.

Many years have passed since then. Several times the PKK has offered a ceasefire. There was a paradigm shift in the party, which also included a turning away from nation-state thinking, from the demand for a "Kurdish state". Democratic confederalism, the combination of radical democracy, women's liberation and ecology are the aims of the movement, which are implemented wherever the PKK is present. The guerilla of the former ARGH sees its role after the paradigm shift in self-defence. It is still a struggle for life, for freedom and democracy. The militancy of August 15, 1984 lives on in the resistance of the guerilla against the Turkish occupation. Be it in South Kurdistan, where the Turkish army bombs the Medya defence areas daily under the eyes and with the support of the Barzani clan, in North Kurdistan or in Rojava, which is currently under threat.

The fact that the fight against fascism cannot be won militarily is a fact that many people are aware of after 35 years of war and countless casualties. That is why there are always political interventions and approaches to create alternatives to capitalist modernity by organizing the population. Protecting these structures is the task of the guerrillas. Abdullah Öcalan has repeatedly proposed solutions for a democratic process. Only a few weeks ago, when his isolation was loosened by the hunger strike movement, he called again for dialogue and self-organization of the peoples, so that a democratization process can be launched.

But despite the longing for peace the PKK knows that without a functioning self-defence a revolutionary movement beyond state, power and capital would be doomed to failure. The dynamic and well-organized liberation struggle under the leadership of the PKK is now present and alive in all parts of the world. Wherever there are Kurds, there is also the spirit of the PKK. "PKK halktır, halk burada - the PKK is the people and the people is here" is the confident slogan.

As 'Interventionistische Linke' and part of the #RiseUp4Rojava network, we wish the freedom movement a militant August 15!
#15Tebax lı gele Kürd u Kürdistan Piroz be!